What we offer


The House of Tree Community Garden

Root & BranchRoot and Branch have recently relocated their micro-nursery to the land surrounding The House of Tree. This will create an opportunity for people to come and grow not just plants but fruit and vegetables as well.

We aim to create a community for people to meet others and enjoy working side by side.

Working outside in the open air is proven to improve mental health, and we are excited to welcome anyone who would like to join us.    Not only will you have fun and meet some new people, you will also be making a difference to the lives of impoverished children in South Africa.

All garden plants will be sold to support the work of Root and Branch Change.  Fruit and vegetables will be given away to local people in need or sold to raise funds.  And you can even take some home with you for dinner!

You can also learn how to cultivate your own vegetable garden at home, either outside or in a pot.

All food has a carbon footprint, related to how much land, water and other resources are used to produce the food product, plus how many 'food miles' are involved with transporting the food to your plate. Growing your own food can dramatically cut the food miles of your meals, and therefore your carbon footprint.  And of course, home-grown food is much tastier and nutritious than shop-bought food!

We also plan to plant a Community Carbon Offset Orchard.  It’s widely accepted that planting trees can make a dramatic difference to the climate, with some absorbing up to four tonnes of carbon dioxide over 20 years.  We want to protect our planet for generations to come so planting trees will help us do that, as well as growing fruit for us to sell or give away.

In addition, we plan to plant a lavender field and harvest the lavender to be made into all sorts of products.

And once you’ve done your volunteering you can head on over to The Branch – our café – for a well-earned cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake! It will be open whenever we have volunteers working on the land and when we have regular groups working in the main room.


The House of Tree and The Branch

The House of Tree consists of a main community room downstairs and The Branch - a café/coffee shop at the front of the building overlooking the fields.

The main room is 116m² and features a large screen and projector and a sound system.  This is used by The Theatre Shed on Tuesday evenings but is also available for hire.  Click here for more information: (link to booking form)

We aim to make this room available for a range of accessible arts and community centred events such as:

  • Singing groups for dementia / Parkinsons sufferers
  • Choir for young people
  • Orchestra
  • Afternoon teas with entertainment
  • Dinner theatre
  • Craft days
  • Your ideas are welcomed!
  • And much more…

The Branch café, offering wheelchair friendly access, will be open at certain times of the week.