The House
of Tree

stimulating a stronger local community

What is the House of Tree?

The House of Tree is a community space that has been developed within the grounds of the Pressmore Farm estate on Ashley Green Road, Chesham.

A former agricultural barn has been transformed into a flexible safe space that offers endless opportunities and helps build meaningful connections in the local area.  The outside space is gradually being turned into a vibrant community garden bustling with life, overlooking an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Stimulating a stronger local community is what The House of Tree is all about.  Human beings are social animals and are not meant to be solitary.  In today’s electronic world it’s all too easy to feel isolated and lonely.  The House of Tree wants to be a place where the people of Chesham and surrounding villages can come together and experience community together.  That might be by giving young people the opportunity to sing in a group or people of all abilities the chance to work together in theatre, or by offering entertainment for the elderly, providing opportunities to work with others, growing vegetables and beautiful plants, or simply a cup of tea and a chat.

Our community hopes to provide numerous benefits including but not exclusively:

  • Vital social connection and engagement.
  • A sense of belonging which boosts physical and mental health.
  • Ensuring no one ever needs to be alone.
  • An opportunity to meet people.
  • Assuring safety and well-being.
  • Offering a sense of purpose when part of a larger group.
  • Learning and resources, as experiences and knowledge are shared.
The Branch Cafe
The Branch Cafe
The House of Tree - Outside
Outside The Branch Cafe